Local Families Anonymous group (FA) offers support to people whose lives have been affected by a relative’s or friend’s use or abuse of drugs or alcohol and any related behavioral problems.
*** Families Anonymous group formed in Christian County. ***
Taylorville Memorial Hospital, 201 E. Pleasant, Solarium Classroom Room 272
2nd Floor, Taylorville, IL: 7:00 – 8:00 PM 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month
**Information call or text Dennis @ 217/254-5027 or email: dmdm5027@gmail.com**


Don’t let somebody else’s drug or alcohol use or abuse control your LIFE.

FA’s philosophy begins with the premise that when one family member is in trouble and abusing drugs or alcohol, his or her whole family is in trouble and needs help.

Guided by the principles of the FA program, family members and friends learn how to find relief from their seemingly insurmountable burdens. They become able to enjoy some peace of mind and a degree of serenity, despite unsolved problems. They discover, too, that as they themselves change, so do the dynamics of their family; this often sets the stage for their addicted loved one’s recovery.

FAMILIES ANONYMOUS: FA is not drug, alcohol, or behavior specific. Members focus on themselves— on their recovery from codependency and on changing any of their attitudes and behaviors (e.g., denial, enabling, rescuing, controlling, manipulating, and a whole range of other crippling actions and emotions) that prevent their own recovery and that of their addicted loved ones.

For information about the Families Anonymous program, go to www.familiesanonymous.org.