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Heritage Behavioral Health Center celebrates over 60-years of providing exceptional service in 2018, tracing its origin back to 1956. Originally known as the Mental Health Clinic, Heritage accepted its first client on April 10, 1956 and has been providing continuous service ever since.

In 1967, the Alcoholism Advisory Council for the Decatur Area was established to provide substance abuse services. In 1970, the Mental Health Clinic became the Decatur Mental Health Center and established an inter-locked relationship with the Alcoholism Advisory Council. In 1987, the Alcoholism Advisory Council was merged into Decatur Mental Health Center. DMHC continued its steady growth and became the primary provider of community-based behavioral health care in Macon County.

In 1998, Decatur Mental Health Center became Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc. While our name and our services have changed over the course of our over 60 year history, we have stayed true to the principles upon which we were founded building a legacy of high quality services.

Heritage provides comprehensive community-based services to treat the most serious behavioral disorders and links them closely with providers of inpatient care.  We also provide a variety of innovative outreach, crisis intervention and prevention services in our communities.